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Poliform Phoenix

Phoenix is a high-class Poliform kitchen model where all units are inspired by pure and essential lines to achieve a rigorous design project.

Minimalism and stylish details, an innovative concept with a modern look inspired to contemporary lifestyle: Phoenix is a kitchen that features exclusive aesthetics with fine lines and interplaying handles and profile.

The genuine protagonist of the Varenna Phoenix is pure geometry and the extremely essential design, with a structural picture completed by powerful simplicity, the distinctive absence of handles and bold rigorous shapes, distinctive features of this project.

Poliform Phoenix: exclusive aesthetics for everyday-life

Moving around a modular kitchen like Phoenix involves both sight and senses, thanks to its essential shapes, color combinations, variation between matt and glossy surfaces, and quality materials, which make the environment comfortable and pleasant as well as fascinating.
Phoenix is conceived for everyday-life and is a highlight among the kitchen collections of the Varenna brand.

Many are the qualities and strong points of the Varenna Phoenix model: from performances to high-quality details. Hidden drawers and compartments are all fully-equipped and ample is the finishing possibilities for top, snack worktop and doors.

Doors can be embossed or glossy lacquered in wood, steel or DuPont Corian. The 6 mm thick top can be produced in nine different finishes, including steel, wood, marble and stone, the snack worktop can be embossed lacquered, or in marble, stone or wood.

Handles are fully integrated, with profiles obtained combining the straight channel and the 90° carved door profile, available in the same finishings of the doors.
Phoenix comprises of modules that can be assembled in different configurations and sizes, giving an ample possibility to create your own ideal kitchen according to your taste and needs.

Poliform Phoenix: maximum freedom and creativity

With Poliform design applies to the kitchen areas too, infusing them with new arrangements and structure interpreting the contemporary kitchen at full. The maximum freedom allows original lay-outs and a wide array of custom combinations.

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