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Poliform Bookcases, Milan

Come see us soon, and we'll design your Poliform bookcase together
We are talking about modular furniture made with high quality materials and impeccable construction.
Their essence reflects that of the manufacturer and the values that it believes in: attention for aesthetics, modern design and high quality standards.

The models offered of our Poliform Bookcases in Milan and Varedo, in the province of Monza Brianza, can be customised in many different ways. Customers who prefer traditional furnishing schemes and love the warmth of wood can opt for finishes in fine walnut and oak wood, such as those in the renowned Wall System Composition.

Those who are seeking more particular solutions, instead, can choose between dozens of matt or glossy colours or coloured glass, also available in matt and frosted variants. In this way, they can create monochromatic bookcases or, as an alternative, play with a mix of colours and variegated materials.

Moreover, many Poliform elements also have vertical dividers that can be positioned as desired to create made-to-measure spaces, which can be changed to fit the customer's needs and aesthetic taste.

This is how each composition becomes unique, custom designed for each individual client and the spaces where the piece is to be placed.

Poliform Bookcases Milan - Not Just Bookcases

Calling them mere bookcases is an understatement. Poliform bookcases are so much more: they are actual design objects that perform multiple functions, created by internationally acclaimed designers.

In addition to the search for original creative solutions, the finely crafted Poliform bookcases also provide the possibility of customised dimensions through the modularity of individual components. In this way, they can be designed to fit the internal surfaces of the rooms where they are destined to be placed.

They become a perfect furnishing solution for living rooms, just to make an example.

In fact, the collections include multi-purpose modules that can be used as shelves or furniture for the living room and TV support solutions.

Also, they can be used to make accessorised walls. Alternating full and empty volumes creates an optical illusion of movement, and transforms the room into a dynamic but cosy space.

Then, we obviously cannot forget their original function: they are clearly bookcases. Their adaptable dimensions were designed to contain books and volumes of every dimension. Their strong structure is paired with opening systems designed to guarantee maximum reliability over a long lifespan.

If you are looking for Poliform Bookcases, Milan is the right city for you to admire them at our showroom. At our Cavallini 1920 store in Via Molino delle Armi 2, you will find a vast range on display and you can see for yourselves the level of construction quality of each product. All are rigorously Made in Italy.

Made in Italy with exclusive, original design.

Always in step with modern times, the design of a Poliform table arises from tradition and experience. All elements for indoor use designed and produced by Poliform - including cabinets and chairs - can be combined in unique and personalised sets to create rooms that are always different.

Poliform Bookshelves complete catalogue

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