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Gallotti&Radice lighting

These few words, “Gallotti and Radice Lamps Monza Brianza” or “Gallotti and Radice Lamps Milan”, contain the essence of a company that represents the creatively behind “Made in Italy” in an excellent way.
There is just one term missing: glass.
Gallotti and Radice was founded in 1956 in Brianza by Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice. They shared a passion for art and for working with glass, so they started to produce furnishings and accessories and, for the first time, they made pieces in which glass would mix with other materials, such as aluminium and steel.
Gallotti and Radice also did something else. They introduced a concept to Italy that was quite innovative for its time: the use of crystal in the furnishing sector.
Lamps are one of the brand's best expressions. Not only for the materials used to make them, but also because they are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic taste. Art and practicality are based on a unique design object.
Wall-mounted lights, spotlights, table lamps and almost all other Gallotti and Radice lamps are produced on an industrial scale, though they maintain their artisan appeal. This is the result of a production process that combines the use of latest generation tools with human experience.
Working with glass is not easy. In fact, it requires a high level of knowledge about the material and great ability, and for this reason, Gallotti and Radice only employ master artisans.

Gallotti&Radice Lamps in Milan

In recent years, the children of the founders have taken over the management, but the company's values have remained the same.
One of these is the aspect of being completely Made in Italy: design, production and processes are carried out entirely in Italy, so much so that the brand loves to define itself as a 0km enterprise.
Geographically speaking, the heart of Gallotti and Radice is the area of Brianza, and in terms of materials, they have always centred around crystal.
In common language, this term means a very high quality of glass, formed with perfectly smooth facets. To obtain this product, they use the “float” process, during which molten glass is poured on a bath of molten tin. Here, floating on a liquid surface, it becomes a band with parallel faces. This is how the crystal is made that when shaped as desired is the starting point for the brand's creations.
To understand how unfinished crystal can be transformed into small masterpieces, just visit our exhibition of Gallotti and Radice Lamps in Milan or in Monza Brianza. Here, you will discover the most well-known models, such as Bolle, a crystal lamp available as a tabletop, floor or spotlight version, along with new pendant models such as Tic Tac or older lamps such as Epsilon.

Gallotti&Radice Lamps complete catalogue

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