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Maxalto Armchairs, Milan

At home or in the office, armchairs are a fundamental piece of furniture for relaxing, and also for welcoming friends of clients and putting them at ease in different situations.

To fulfil these needs, Maxalto offers a wide range of very comfortable armchairs with excellent upholstery, perfect for different furnishing styles and tastes.

Suitable for both domestic and professional areas, Agathos, Febo and Crono are classic armchairs with ideal soft shapes to relax in at any time during the day. The armchair Clio, featuring clean lines underscored by a wooden frame, looks best in the living room of a home.

Kalos, with an elegant matching ottoman, is a modern interpretation of classic design. It's ideal for relaxing, perhaps in front of the television or with a great book.

Creativity and style unite perfectly in the armchairs Musa, Lutetia Fulgens, Amoenus and Calliope, while the height of Zen is expressed in the solution Simpliciter: light and elegant, with a strong but contoured structure.

Maxalto store Milan: Are you looking for a Maxalto armchair? Our team of professionals is looking forward to seeing you at the Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo (Monza Brianza) to assist you in choosing the perfect model for you.

Maxalto Armchairs complete catalogue

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