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Rimadesio bookshelves

Versatility and modularity, functionality and a wide variety of choice and styles: the Rimadesio bookcases offer exclusive technical solutions that expand the functional possibilities of the classic library.
Reference materials are aluminum (in more than 30 different finishes) and glass (in high-class Ecolorsystem hues), which become expression of many design concepts and assure the maximum in terms of aesthetic originality and structure reliability.
Six the different models of the Rimadesio bookshelves, with freestanding or wall-mounted compositions, contemporary reinterpretations of classic furniture types, but also innovative, unusual proposals.

Rimadesio bookcases: the ultimate expression of the modern bookcase

From the lightness of the Zenitlibraries to the outstanding modularity of Opus, from the classic style of Alambrato the minimalist aesthetics of Sixty or Wind, to the geometric strictness of Stele, the Rimadesio libraries declinate at best the style and functional needs of the modern bookshelf.
With Zenit Rimadesio offers maximum creative freedom: every element of the bookcase can be freely positioned to create compositions for the living area or walk-in closets for the bedroom, starting off a project in order to display and hold suitable for any area of the house.
The Opus model is based on a concept of simplicity that creates compositions of squares and rectangles. This assures ample versatility and applicability also to large walls, with many solutions for the architectural definition of spaces.
Alambra, instead, reinterprets the classic style bookshelf in a contemporary way applying the utmost rigor of the current design trends. Peculiar the structure in aluminum, with fine details and the possibility of inserting led lighting in the shelves.
Sixty, essential in its lines with references to the design of the 1960s reinterpreted in an extremely current way, loves a minimal style. Original also the Stele model: with a strong image and geometric rigor is a monolith-bookcase that puts itself as protagonist of the spaces.
Lastly Wind, a modular bookshelf entirely in aluminium that combines aesthetic lightness and technological innovation, perfect expression of the bookshelf of the new Rimadesio's interpretation.

Create your ideal Rimadesio bookcase in our Milan and Varedo showrooms

You find the Rimadesio libraries Rimadesio and other exclusive furnishing pieces and complements of the Rimadesio brand in the showrooms of Cavallini1920 in Milano, between via Molino delle Armi 2 and C.so Italia 40, and in Varedo in Corso Milano 7

Rimadesio Bookshelves complete catalogue

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