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Rimadesio walk-in closet, Milan

Intimate and functional, walk-in closets are one of the most personal spaces in the home. They give us a place to organise our wardrobe inside an extremely versatile private corner.
In any walk-in closet, it is crucial to organise space. Starting from this concept, Rimadesio has created a series of dynamic and totally customisable solutions.

The three lines of walk-in closets built by Rimadesio are Abacus, Dress Bold and Zenit. The first is a brand new programme in lacquered glass with geometric decorations inserted into the scheme and an interesting lighting system integrated into the wall-mounted panels.

Visible uprights, mirrors, back-lit wood and painted glass are the features of the Rimadesio walk-in closet Dress Bold. An innovative patented system for fastening wall-mounted modules makes it possible to organise spaces as desired, without making holes.

Zenit, instead, was created for every room in the house. It can become a convenient bookcase for the living room or an elegant walk-in closet for the bedroom. Every single element of the Zenit composition can be positioned or modified in any moment thanks to a simple element hooking system.

Are you looking for a Rimadesio walk-in wardrobe? Visit our showrooms in Milan and Varedo, where our staff of professionals can help you choose and design your walk-in closet.

Rimadesio Walk-in closet complete catalogue

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