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Pianca wardrobes

The Pianca wardrobes consist of diverse, elegant and modular solutions fitted with a range of accessories to adapt them to your needs. With its exhibition spaces in Milan and Varedo, Cavallini1920 is a point of reference for those seeking to furnish their home with high quality designer furniture, and the Pianca wardrobes - stemming from personalised projects combining functionality and aesthetics - are a case in point.

Pianca wardrobe with sliding doors

Pianca wardrobes are custom-made and can be fully personalised both externally and internally. You can choose from three different door styles - plain, decorated or framed - and three different opening mechanisms: hinged, sliding and coplanar.
Among the framed solutions is Vitrum, whose sliding or hinged door made of glass creates continuity between the inside and the outside. Depending on how much you want to show of the interior, you can choose between different glass elements that are made even more elegant by a black screen-printed frame.
The Milano model reaches its pinnacle of expression with the hinged glass door with a painted frame that emphasises the composition, making it refined and timeless.

Pianca coplanar wardrobe

Those seeking the precision and refinement of a Pianca wardrobe with coplanar doors will admire the Cornice model, a discreet, long-line designer wardrobe whose aluminium structure blends with the surface of the doors, available in glass, wood, mirror or leather.

Pianca Wardrobes catalogue

The Cavallini1920 showrooms in Milan and Varedo are official retailers of Pianca wardrobes. You can view all of the brand's proposals in our Pianca Wardrobes catalogue. Contact us through the catalogue: our team of experts will be delighted to answer your requests for information and enquiries relating to products, costs and quotes.

Pianca Closets complete catalogue

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