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Classic and luxury furniture

Among our proposals, we have a section dedicated entirely to classic furniture: reproductions and interpretations of furnishings of different periods and styles such as 18th and 19th century English, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire, Liberty, Direttorio, Art Decò, Neoclassical, and 16th and 17th century Italian.

High quality materials, selective craftsmanship processes, and high level cabinet making expertise. Centuries of tradition united with precious woods.

Luxury furnishings, made to measure with unique collections and arrangements, where stylistic research and creativity generate an exclusive lifestyle of elegant, refined Italian-made furniture.

Consultations and personalised projects for unique rooms with timeless appeal.

Ipe srl, a historical company on the design scene of furniture that's "Made in Italy", was founded in 1959.

Creativity. Research and stylistic freedom evoke spectacular scenarios where art merges with luxury.

Unique, majestic furnishings for people who want exclusive design.

Provasi was founded in the early 1970s on an artisanal tradition in luxury cabinetry, the area of expertise of the founding family.

In recent years, the Provasi range has evolved to follow the mutations in classic taste in Renaissance period Italian furniture, and also 18th century English and French style period furniture.

Currently, on request from a growing international market, the Provasi style features original and very elegant aesthetics: an actual philosophy of Italian taste.

Annibale Colombo emerged in 1812 in Brianza with a small family owned shop working to produce artistic furniture for Milan's upper middle class residents.

It became a company in 1990, and settled in a modern factory designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa where manual expertise, technology and fine materials merged to form classic furniture with the charm of a unique piece.

For over two hundred years now, the company has offered invaluable know-how and artistic and artisanal techniques, and furnishings made from high quality materials. Great care for the environment is clear from the use of natural materials.

Angelo Cappellini is a historical company formed in 1886 in the centre of Brianza, specialised in the reproduction of authentic models of the most well-known European styles such as Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Empire and Biedermeir.

Renowned and respected worldwide, today Cappellini offers a vast range of classic furnishings with refined and elegant aesthetics.

Colombostile was founded in 1886 in Meda. It became a company in 1973, and emerged as a leading company in the furniture sector. Today, it has an international business of well crafted furniture divided into three creative product lines: Classic Collections, period furnishings; Eclectic Collections, luxury articles; and Contemporary Collections, products of contemporary design.

The drive for innovation brought about collaborations with renowned architects like Maurizio Chiari and Carlo Rampazzi.

This company makes high quality artisanal furnishings. With decades of innovation in classic furniture trends, they are experts in tailored finishing touches, and in the use of wood to create impressive unique pieces or custom furnishings for entire homes.

A historical company founded in 1925 with a tradition of being original. Unique techniques and abilities, creative use of various materials: wood, enamel, brass and crystal assembled masterfully to obtain the highest level of excellence.

Collections for the home and exclusive high level venues.