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Cavallini1920 is Arper official retailer in Milan

A family business established at the end of the 1980s, the company's vocation is to create furniture with colourful, essential and functional designs, intended to improve and enrich any room.

Chairs, benches, sofas and tables are created after intensive study of all details, to create simple, lightweight, linear and refined products.

Each collection is perceived as a family: the same shapes, developed in several variations. In fact, almost all the products are the result of a combination of pieces of related products. A leitmotif that makes each collection unique and homogeneous.

Each product is certified, to guarantee quality, safety, and environmental impact.

Each piece has been created to last. Materials and technologies are used not only for the design, but also and above all to have a limited impact on the environment, from production to distribution.

Contact us or come see our showrooms in Milano and Varedo just to have a look.

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