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Cavallini1920 is Carl Hansen official retailer in Milan

Carl Hansen is a company with a century of experience, established in Denmark. Modern design that combines simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality.

During all these years, the company has maintained a solid foundation in its traditions, preserving the classic Danish style, while continuing to innovate and create new collections. These are also created thanks to the collaboration with other famous Danish and international designers, like Thomas Bo Kastholm, Anker Bak, Tadao Ando and the Strand + Hvass duo.

With them, Carl Hansen has managed to combine manufacturing capabilities with the latest technology, thus creating a perfect combination of innovation and sustainability.

The entire production takes place in Denmark, in order to guarantee the utmost control over the entire process. However, even greater attention is paid to the raw materials. In fact, Carl Hansen says that "Design and sustainability of production are inseparable". The wood used comes from sustainable forests, and is processed in responsible sawmills. Almost all the pieces produced are used, and the scraps are recycled and used for district heating systems.

The purpose is to create designer furniture of very high quality, without compromises and without impacting the surrounding environment in a negative manner.

Contact us or come see our showrooms in Milano and Varedo just to have a look.

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