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New Flexform's finishing

Cashmere, mahogany, metal champagne, these are just some of the new finishes of Flexform's collection 2014, a concentrate of sobriety and simplicity combined with an elegant and refined style.

Perfectly suited to the new products in the collection because they have fine fancy, but not excessive, these new finishes have the quality to make everything perfectly balanced.

Among the new fabrics and colors introduced into the collection we have cashmere that certainly stands out in the sofa, evolving into delicate textures with twill and pie de poule, ton sur ton.

But to stand out in a defined way are also the finishing of metals, first of all the champagne color, which lightens and softens the intrusive yellow gold's brightness, making the tone more sober and calm.

New essences even in the woods, to which is added the mahogany finishing, a delicately streaked and hardwood wood with amber's veins.

Do not miss even few color a little more lively such as teal, ocher and Pompeian red, used mostly on armchairs and ottomans.

The result, therefore, is a visual and tactile delightfulness, which enchant and reassures at the same time.