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The Tri Riva1920 stool won the 'Award A'design

Designed by Ascanio Zocchi and made from precious cedar wood, the Tri Riva1920 stool is among the winners of 'A'design Award 2015/2016.

That platform brings together the leading brands, designers and innovators in the design drawing from different disciplines and from different markets, the A 'Design Award AIMS to raise awareness of the new talents through the press and media in order to bring them to a' globalized users.

And 'Therefore an honor to receive this recognition Riva1920 with a unique product like Tri, Which is inspired by the Italian tradition and who wants to be a decisive contribution to the pastoral world.

Its structure is in fact deliberately evocative of typical forms of high mountain cheese, the most representative foods of the rural world and have the techniques and the oldest conservation processes such as, for example, just the seasoning.