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Valcucine celebrates 30 years of glass kitchens

This year Valcucine celebrates 30 years of innovation and exclusivity of the glass in the kitchen.

In fact, 30 years ago, the brand created its first glass kitchen and today, with all the variants of Artematica model by Gabriele Centazzo, remains one of the brands that gives more importance to this noble material used for its recycling and minimal environmental impact.

The glass used by the brand for its kitchen models and for the annexes elements, pure and valuable, has always been accurately chosen so as to be especially resistant and capable of transmitting endless sensations.

Timeless glasses that are resistant to heat and to aggression and allow great customization thanks to the richness of colors available to the Valcucine's catalog.

The Valcucine glasses are all hardened, strictly tested and for their resistant are guaranteed for 10 years.

They are made "tactile" to add sensations that go beyond simple transparency and aesthetic beauty, "graphics" to be decorated and made unique thanks to designs inspired by nature and "art"as if they were a valuable painting inlaid handmade. Finally, they are rendered "dematerialized" because they are used to create elements with less material and recyclable

A concrete example of how Valcucine makes the best use of the glass, optimizing function and aesthetics, is the kitchen Artematica Vitrum.

As well as the skilled glassmakers sought in the purest vitreous mass and free from imperfections, Artematica is made starting from the craftsmanship of the glass in order to reach the most advanced techniques can create really new forms.

So, 30 years really important which have definitely helped make Valcucine a recognizable brand in the world and, above all, the glass pioneer in the kitchen.