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Porada excites with "Ella.Everything starts from love"

The Porada brand has decided to develop a short film that summarizes, in pure cinematic poetic, its long history. A path that has its roots back in 1948 and that, at the end of 2018, reached the important 70-year anniversary.

The result, exciting and at the same time very expressive, is "Ella. Everything starts from love ", (trad:" Ella. Everything is born of love ") a title that takes its name from one of the most iconic chairs in the collection: Ella, designed by Patrick Jouin.

Written and directed by Edoardo Sandulli, "Ella" could be defined as the perfect synthesis - "in film" - of the story of Porada and its founder, Luigi Allievi, fictionalized in a continuous poetic parallelism between great love for wood and great passion for a woman.

Love, therefore, as the engine of every action, both in life and in work.

And it is precisely from this conviction, that the founder of Porada, in the short, gives life to an elegant chair, with sinuous and deliberately feminine lines, which will mark the beginning of Porada's long process of production, processing and constant research.

This journey will reach the finish line of the seventy years with the same identical love that started everything, a passion that, handed down by Luigi Allievi, progenitor of the whole family, today is still unchanged despite the company has crossed, in the meantime, very different ages.

To complete this vision, the awareness that wood, today as then, remains the undisputed protagonist of the material, evolving into products treated in detail and above all, skillfully worked as per tradition.

Below are some of the most significant images of the short film.