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The wood is the protagonist at Imm Cologne2019 with Riva1920

Riva1920, also this year, has renewed its presence at the 2019 edition of the Cologne Fair: IMM Cologne.

Always an essential appointment because now an international reference point for design and furniture, the Cologne fair is, for the company, the most suitable moment to relaunch, at international level, its new proposals and the classics of the collection.

This year, the settings created in the installation referred to a "loft" style with notes of modernity and refinement, highlighting the specificity of Riva1920 to the full: wood and its veins.

Among the innovations presented at the fair were a series of new cupboards by designer Gabriele Giuliano Cappelletti: Pandora Up Small, Pandora Glass, Cambusa Evo and Vitrea.

Next, the Geppo stool by Marco Baxadonne, the two Kauri Ciak tables by Gabriele and Giuliano Cappelletti and the D.T. Plank Table by C.R. & S. Riva 1920.

The consoles, Frame Resin, design C.R. & S. Riva 1920, the Materia Soft chair by Claudio Bellini, Noblè chair by Gabriele and Giuliano Cappelletti, the Sequoia 2.0 bench Cengiz Civan, the Sleepy bed by Vegni design and, finally, the Tiny Earth table by C.R. & S. Riva 1920.

To differentiate the furnishings, there are various types of wood, from walnut to oak, from briccola to fragrant cedar.

The brand has also launched the latest finishes that can be matched with its furniture, such as: Vulcano for cedar and oak, Oak Mystick Black (black), Neutral Oak (rough effect), Oak London (gray) and Tobacco Oak (brown).

The result of this participation was, therefore, very profitable, as it allowed Riva1920 to make its production and its characteristics known to the general public, guaranteeing an unchanged and always true to itself quality of the furnishings and offering the guarantee of a product entirely made of real solid wood.

If you are interested in knowing the solid wood furniture of the Riva1920 collection, we invite you to contact us at design@cavallini1920.it or to come to visit us at our showrooms. We are sure that together we will be able to realize your furnishing dream!