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Helsinki by Desalto protagonist at Imm Cologne

In January, the Desalto brand also took part in the unmissable appointment of the Imm Cologne Show, and did so by placing the exhibition focus on the iconic Helsinki collection, designed by Caronni and Bonanomi more than twenty years ago.

At such a long distance of time, in fact, the collection continues to be very appreciated by the public because it expresses very clearly the essence of the company, with its formal rigor, its essential beauty, its practicality and its adaptability to different contexts.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Cologne 2019, Helsinki was proposed in a renewed guise, enriched with new and original variations, both in terms of colors and finishes.

This was the "fulcrum" around which the stand was developed, designed and maintained by the Calvi and Brambilla studio. Surely, the most interesting furniture in the collection is the bookcase, proposed at the center of the exhibition space in new and vivid colors, so as to become, in addition to being an architectural element to define spaces, also a furniture to decorate the rooms, thanks to its exclusive color finishes.

Walking among the environments of the exhibition, therefore, it was impossible not to be attracted by a refined play of images, coming from mirrors and luminous surfaces that reflected elements of furniture really present in a very particular way. The result of the exhibition was therefore certainly positive, an evocative experience of the Desalto universe, which received many acclamations from the visitors of the fair.

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