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Poliform Skip

Library mod. Skip by Poliform, design Carlo Colombo. Wall panel system complete with shelves, sliding doors, chest of drawers and flaps for contain audio-video equipment. TV compartment dim. 120 x h 72 cms. The main aesthetic characteristic of the system is the shelve's very small section, provided with a track to allow sliding doors to be used. The vertical partitions allow visually to sculpt the composition, creating day-to-day spaces that can perform multiple functions. The shelves, the vertical shoulders and the base boxes are finishing in matt lacquered Ice, the sliding doors are finishing matt lacquered Arena and Ice, the backs are in spessart oak.

Dimension: cms 450 x depth 53,8 / 36,5 x h 216.6 ( max height)

Transport and installation excluded

List price: € 18.618,00
Final price: € 10.600,00

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