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When buying a product, it is necessary to consider how important it is that the objects in our daily environment, that we use every day, be designed to favour correct posture and body positions in order to not harm our health. This is where the concept of ergonomics comes into play. Valcucine has developed many advanced studies to make a kitchen with distances and opening systems that are perfectly accessible for the user. Ergonomics is a priority that sets high quality standards, perfectly able to satisfy the customer and offer a "tailor-made" product that is the right size for him or her.


Constant, active commitment that Valcucine dedicates to environmental awareness and ecology for the conservation of natural resources is shown by its numerous certifications. First of all, the BIOFOREST mark was awarded for the goal of planting as many trees as necessary to replace those cut for production purposes. In addition, its coherence in applying environmental strategies has made Valcucine the first company to obtain the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001. Another demonstration of its environmental commitment is the fact that Valcucine introduced wood components made from FSC certified forests, with the ultimate goal of extending FSC certification to ALL wooden parts of its production. Moreover, as regards the process of making bases and bottom panels, the company uses panels with mix credit certification.



Evaporation of synthetic solvents from paints is one of the most important problems of the production process. Every day, tons of potentially cancerous solvents are released into the air, which damage the workplace and surrounding areas. This is the reason that Valcucine has adopted a painting cycle to protect the health of the final buyer, workers in the sector and towns near its factories. Doors, solid wood parts and veneered panels undergo a process that radically reduces the amount of synthetic solvents and eliminates cancer-causing substances altogether. This painting cycle guarantees greater safety for people and the environment.


Maybe we do not realise it, but the air we breathe in our kitchen can be polluted by toxic substances released from glues or paints used in furniture.
For this reason, Valcucine analyses samples to check the level of toxic emissions found in volatile substances that are hazardous for human health. It also runs in-depth tests on artificial radioactivity to comply with the strictest standards regulating formaldehyde emissions.

Toxic emissions