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Valcucine Living

Among the most representative symbols of the evolution of the times, the living area is definitely the best true and natural example because it is developed according to the specific way of life of each.

Today is preferred the idea of a living increasingly open, free and with furnishing solutions that replace the classic walls separating the rooms in a balanced way without a permanent closure. The kitchen space is the first to summarize these modern requirements because, its functionality is measured on how the organization and the division of space is well prepared.

Valcucine, who for thirty years is specialized in production of kitchens by high functional and high quality standards, strong of this know-how, has decided to translate his experience also in the living area, offering highly competitive solutions.

To constitute the offer Valcucine Livig systems are modular and customizable items for the living room and the home office, defined by a sober and linear design, in which the materials are to be the real stars, measured at the right point.
The offer is completed with a wide range of storage furniture, woodwork with showcase or shelves, racks, shelves, but also benches on the ground or suspended, designed to be utilized in everyday life in a simple and natural way.

The Valcucine Living's program also expresses a profound sensitivity to the environment, because it uses innovative materials and environmentally friendly as aluminum and glass along with other more traditional like tactile wood. Moreover, thanks to the principle of dematerialization that distinguishes also most of its kitchens, contributes to saving energy and raw materials.

Designer: Gabriele Centazzo

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