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About us... comments review and ratings in order to give you more information and support your curiosity.

Arianna Describes Cavallini

Precision is a matter of style: reliability, promptness, order, and transparency:
In my opinion, these features belong to individuals' personality. Sure, they belong to the work method of the staff at Cavallini 1920, where I learnt the lifestyle of POLIFORM. I met home designs that explore different aesthetical and modular solutions, a number of choices ranging from Wall System and Skip bookshelves to Senza Fine sideboards, beds, tables, chairs and accessories... Everything manufactured with methods and skills of the highest standard. For this reason after designing my apartment with Cavallini 1920, I can say I really feel… at home!

Francesco Describes Cavallini

I want the best. For this reason, I apply always to the best. I require top quality for anything. I found my way by applying to Cavallini 1920. In order to furnish my living room they suggested the Ray sofa and Flatc bookshelf by B.&.B. ITALIA, a leading company in the design of contemporary furniture, suggesting and representing contemporary culture and with an undoubtable mark of creativity, research and innovation, i.e. what I was looking for.

Laura Describes Cavallini

My guests say I am hard to please. I am very demanding in the kitchen: I like to join the right flavours, create new matches, freely experiment and offer something original to my friends every time. Thanks to the designers at Cavallini 1920 when choosing my kitchen I met the world of VALCUCINE, a world made of environmental sustainability, innovation, technology. The choice was not easy: Artematica or Riciclantica, island setup or linear versions. I eventually chose New Logica Sistem, but I admit that the latest Sine Tempore gave me beautiful sensations: it will be for my next home!

Now I fully enjoy my New Logica.

Andrea Describes Cavallini

When is a home cosy? When everybody can enjoy it freely. It is not a matter of "nice pieces of furniture". Furnishing a home means the ability to create a peaceful home setting, where all members feel at ease, including our child. At Cavallini 1920 we found the Artex kitchen by VARENNA, with its new laser edge conferring a "lacquered" soft effect. The result? Top cuisine, great durability and great convenience thanks to those who could listen to us and help us choosing the right solution.

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