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Constantly updated know-how consolidated through years of experience, highly qualified personnel and unceasing dedication to our customers: these skills make it possible for us to ensure that you have a high-level purchase experience. Choosing Cavallini1920 for your purchases and interior design projects means relying on an expert partner as well as a reference point for quality Italian design furniture.

Complete Furnishing Solutions | Cavallini1920

Quality first

Quality is an integral part of the company vision, and our commitment to achieving high quality has allowed us to acquire credibility and competitiveness. Customers who rely on Cavallini1920 for their furnishing projects will find a high level of quality, not only in the products we propose, but also in our skills and organization: from the moment you walk into the store and throughout the development of your project – in all aspects of price definition, delivery and after-sale assistance – Cavallini1920 is a guarantee for people looking for quality Italian design furniture.

This set of high-level skills allows us to obtain excellent results because a quality product, if not supported by suitable services, will not have optimal results.

We are based in the Brianza production district, which is known for its artisan workshops that have been masterfully working with wood, metal, fabric and decorations for centuries. The area is also linked to illustrious Italian architects and designers who studied at Milan's Polytechnic University, during the 1950s and 1960s, and later went on to found the most important Italian furniture brands.

Access to and stylistic contamination of this wonderful context has permitted us to acquire in-depth knowledge and develop a high level of know-how – important added value for our work and a target for the originality of versatile furnishings. At presented, we have succeeded in establishing our company in a prestigious role in the industry of quality Italian design furniture.

Our architects and interior designers are willing to accommodate your aesthetic, economic and practical needs to help you create the furnishings you want.

Complete Furnishing Solutions | Cavallini1920

Timeless style

The style of Cavallini1920 is based on certain crucial values and goes beyond trends. Our proposals have a common thread, no matter whether you want to complete a furniture supply or develop a new furnishing project. Proactive consistency in a context of research, modernity and creativity produce timeless and elegant results.

A high level of attention to detail is the special aspect that makes it possible for us prepare proposals original customized proposals and interior design projects with a high-level standard for those looking for quality Italian design furniture.

Complete Furnishing Solutions | Cavallini1920

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