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Classic & Luxury

Classic furnishing projects blend the best of old and new to create striking arrangements for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

At Cavallini1920, we aim to craft classic furnishing projects that wholly reflect the taste of our clients, under the expert guidance of skilled interior designers, home decorators and architects.

Angelo Cappellini, Annibale Colombo, Opera, Visionnaire and Longhi are some of the brands that offer full expressive freedom in the creation of luxury spaces that combine the best of Italian craftsmanship with exquisite finishes and exceptional attention to detail. A pure and linear classic style defines the collections by Angelo Cappellini, Annibale Colombo and Provasi, heirs to the finest Italian artisan tradition and committed to using only prized materials.

Classic furnishing projects take on character and uniqueness through a skillful and harmonious mixture of different brands. At Cavallini1920, we abide by a clear concept of home living: exclusive furniture pieces interact with each other to create an inimitable style.

Classic furnishing projects

Our catalog features a section dedicated entirely to classic furniture, including reproductions and reinterpretations of furnishings from various periods: 18th and 19th century English, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire style, Art Nouveau, Directoire style, Art Deco, Neoclassical, Italian Renaissance and Baroque.

Premium quality materials and advanced craftsmanship by the very best artisans and cabinet-makers: century-old traditions meet the finest woods and materials.

Our luxury furniture projects are entirely customized to create unique arrangements, where creativity coexists with rigorous style principles, generating elegant and exclusive spaces that embody the essence of Made in Italy lifestyle.

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