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Riva 1920 Milan

Showroom Riva 1920

Cavallini 1920, with its two showrooms in Milan and Varedo (MB), qualifies as a dealer for Riva 1920 in Milan and a retailer for Riva 1920 in Monza Brianza.
We are talking about a company that needs no introduction. Riva 1920 has become the symbol for excellence of Made in Italy in the production of solid wood furniture.
Its history begins in 1920 in small family-owned shop. Various generations have led the company through the years, and Riva 1920 has transformed into the industrial company that is known nationally and internationally at present.
However, the company has succeeded in remaining true to its roots. On one hand, it decided to keep its headquarters in the territory, in Cantù, province of Como. On the other, it has always promoted and pursued the same ideals that form the foundation for the entire history of the brand. Cavallini1920 shares these values, and they make us proud to be a retailer of Riva 1920 in Milan and Monza Brianza.
In fact, Riva 1920 has strong ties to tradition. For about one hundred years, master carpenters have passed down the secrets of their craft from generation to generation. Even today, though the brand has taken on an industrial connotation, every product that it makes displays the signature artisan craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail.
If you are looking for a store that carries Riva 1920 models in Milan or in the province of Monza Brianza, come visit our showrooms in Varedo or in Via Molino delle Armi 2 in Milan.

Riva 1920 furniture

Bookcases, tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes and any other product from the brand are all made in solid wood, with careful attention dedicated to environmental issues and sustainable production.
In fact, much of the wood - oak, walnut, maple or cherry - is harvested from reforested areas. Other types are reused wood, such as Lebanese cedar, “Briccole” from Venice or the ancient Kauri wood from New Zealand.

Riva 1920 retailer in Milan and Varedo

People seeking a Riva 1920 store in Milan or in Riva 1920 store in Monza Brianza will find our showrooms to be the ideal place to admire the quality of Riva 1920 furniture.
Guests to our showrooms can enjoy the fragrance of wood, they will notice the care taken in each Riva 1920 product and appreciate their ability to combine tradition and innovation. The results are design furnishings made with the highest artisan expertise, an excellent example of Made in Italy in the world.
We hope to see you soon in our stores, where you can see the quality of these pieces for yourselves.

Riva1920 showroom in Milan and Varedo

Visit our showroom in Milan, and you will see quality furnishings with your own eyes.

Riva1920 Milano

Via Molino delle Armi 2, angolo Corso Italia 40
20122 Milano

Phone: +39 02 8052898
Email: milano@cavallini1920.it

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 19.00 orario continuato
Monday 15.00 - 19.00

Alternatively, come see us in the Varedo store, the ideal place for people living in the provinces of Monza, Como and Lecco.

Riva1920 Varedo

Corso Milano 7
20814 Varedo

Phone: +39 0362 580127
Email: varedo@cavallini1920.it

Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 12.30 | 14.00 - 19.00
Monday 14.00 - 19.00

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