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Italian Design Kitchens

Varenna, Valcucine, Turri, Provasi, Colombo Stile, Gaggenau, Miele and Scandola: these are the most important brands in the sector that produces high quality Italian kitchens that Cavallini 1920 has selected for its showrooms in Milan and Varedo.

Refined, elegant kitchens that offer solutions in which the distinctive features of Italian design can be found in addition to the study of ergonomics, high quality production and the sue of prime quality materials. Visitors can choose from a selection of models ranging from classic to modern, including minimal or industrial solutions.

Among the many proposals, there are also environmentally sustainable design kitchens, made with natural materials using artisan construction techniques that have made the history of Italian furnishings.

With painstaking attention to detail, design and product quality, Cavallini 1920 offers prestigious solutions to render the most convivial room in the house unique and inimitable.