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Italian style finds its highest expression in the top home furnishing brands, which we use to create custom interior design projects tailored around well-defined concepts, material quality and style choices.

Choosing Cavallini1920 means embracing a distinct home living philosophy that spans every aspect of Italian interior design. From planning spaces to selecting the best collections by Italian designer brands for classic and modern furniture, we focus on blending different styles to achieve a pure harmony: an interplay of lines, forms, shapes and colors that won't fail to impress.

The timeless style of Cavallini1920 comes from choosing exquisite and prestigious furnishings by acclaimed Italian and international designers, who day after day redefine our style horizons with their cutting-edge creations.

Made in Italy Furniture

Quality of materials is a distinctive feature, and throughout its history Cavallini1920 has always chosen prestigious brands for every space of the home, crafting furniture projects that stand the test of time.

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoor and indoor accessories: only striking furniture pieces by the most important Made in Italy brands. The goal is to create elegant and refined spaces, where style and functionality form a perfect symbiosis: not just fascinating furniture pieces, but carefully planned living environments - soothing spaces that you'll never want to leave.

You can check out some arrangements at our spacious showrooms in Milan and Varedo. We offer a vast selection of styles and brands to define your unique, complete interior furnishing project.

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