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Opera Contemporary, Milan

The Opera Contemporary brand was established in 2010 drawing on the century-long experience of Angelo Cappellini, a historic company representing and interpreting classic furniture in a modern key so as to meet the contemporary needs of a refined customer base with a comprehensive furniture offering.

Opera Contemporary delivers elegant products rooted in traditional values and shapes, reinvented to satisfy every interior decor need through the highest levels of all-Italian quality.

The Opera Contemporary collection offers a complete range of products for every area of the home, including sofas, tables and chairs for the living room, beds and wardrobes for the sleeping area, and products for the home office.
These high-end furnishings a suitable for the most varied of settings, and can be used in public, office and private spaces.

Opera Contemporary showroom in Milan and Varedo

Visit our showroom in Milan, and you will see quality furnishings with your own eyes.

Opera Contemporary Milano

Via Molino delle Armi 2, angolo Corso Italia 40
20122 Milano

Phone: +39 02 8052898
Email: milano@cavallini1920.it

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 19.00 orario continuato
Monday 15.00 - 19.00

Alternatively, come see us in the Varedo store, the ideal place for people living in the provinces of Monza, Como and Lecco.

Opera Contemporary Varedo

Corso Milano 7
20814 Varedo

Phone: +39 0362 580127
Email: varedo@cavallini1920.it

Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 12.30 | 14.00 - 19.00
Monday 14.00 - 19.00

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