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Porada chairs

Chairs with or without armrests, stools, armchairs: Porada offers an extensive catalogue of seats suiting any home or office. Every chair stems from the skilful woodworking of Porada's master craftsmen. These items stand out for their clean, understated design, a key feature for those seeking products that transcend fads and fashions and withstand the test of time.

Among its proposals, the Ella chair stands out for its elegant solid walnut structure, whose sinuous, handcrafted shape envelops the body and offers exceptional comfort. The model's extraordinary attention to detail makes it the perfect choice for even the most elegant spaces. For those seeking the comfort of an upholstered armchair, Grace stands out for its simple and refined lines, with thin metal legs matching the fabric-covered shell. The Tiara Porada chair features and unusual and particularly pleasant design. The backrest in curved solid wood is expertly worked to envelop the head like a tiara.

Come and experience the quality of Porada's chairs first hand. The Cavallini1920 experts look forward to seeing you in the official Porada showrooms in Milan and Varedo.

Porada Chairs complete catalogue

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