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Cantori as partners at Marche Endurance Lifestyle 2014

ENDURANCE LIFESTYLE is an event that brings together various initiatives dedicated to sports, business, culture, tourism, fashion and design to give voice to the sport known as the "sport of Sheikhs", a kind of endurance race horse developed primarily into the United Arab Emirates just between these rich characters.

From sports competition in networking to promote economic development and territorial marketing, this is now the ENDURANCE LIFESTYLE, an occasion that saw the origin of economic partnerships and commercial projects between the Italian system and the United Arab Emirates.

This year, to host the event, form the 12th to 15th june , the Marche Region has chosen, as location defined to gather all the protagonists of the initiative, the coastal town Numana, at the Riviera del Conero .

The show makes a stop in the Marche's region since 2012, and from that time to the present, Cantori, a very well known company in the field of furniture and design, has always been the one chosen to decorate the spaces dedicated to the event, setting up at the tents that house the sheikhs participants.

This year Cantori has personally decorated the tent that housed SA Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Dubai. The luxurious tent of the Sheikh was divided into 5 zones, like a very elegant suite's hotel with spaces in different styles and unique, so as to remove the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčuniformity and monotony usually present in the more common tents
Among the furnishings proposed worthy of note is Twist sofa, chairs and armchairs Mondrian, Aurora, Miss, and many other furnishings such as carpets, mirrors, lamps and even bedclothes.