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New B&B Italia's campaign

B&B Italia in September debuted with a new advertising campaign dedicated to the new collection which was promoted on the Italian and international press.

This is the portrait that emerges from the initiative of a brand that has embraced the new demands of interior design's world, using as leitmotif of the entire B & B Italia 's offer are fined and elegant solutions where design and architecture are intertwined, exalting each other.

Here then are staged the best seller of B&B Italia such as Michel, Ray and Charles 's sofa by Antonio Citterio or Bend-Sofa by Patricia Urquiola, all caught up in an extraordinary complementary relationship with the surrounding architecture as suggested in the first person by same designer.

The types of architecture choices to build the frame of the home country are different, all are suitable to represent the perfect "portraits of author" where B&B Italia's furniture are protagonists.

The set of Antonio Citterio, in particular, focuses on contemporary architecture, inspired by the "International Style", while the choreography chosen by Patricia Urquiola choose to play with materials, colors and surfaces, proposing an architecture that, moreover, appears to be very consistent with his style.

The result are five portraits that together at their best express the uniqueness of B&B Italia, using a unusual shades.and a very elegant language.