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Roda furnishes the new Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum

Bodrum is an ancient and charming city of Turkey, located on a stretch of boardwalk that runs more than 60 hectares in the northern part of the peninsula, Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay Beach).

It is here that lies the luxurious Mandarin Oriental resort, built on a perfect location, where we are witnessing one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.

Destined to become the most famous hotel in Turkey over the Aegean Sea, the Mandarin Oriental is located on a series of rolling hills dotted with dense pine trees and ancient olive groves.

RODA who oversaw much of the furniture for the hotel exterior, has used some of the products in the collections Network, Road, Mistral, Root and Nap.
The furnishings Roda are inserted perfectly into the resort, enhancing, thanks to their sophisticated design and elegant style and trendy that characterizes it.