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Yoko and Nuage by Foscarini at ADI Design Index 2014

The Foscarini's lamp Yoko and Nuage are respectively designed by Anderssen & Voll and Philippe Nigro – and were included in the ADI Design Index 2014.
A Book that collects the best products Made in Italy made every year and selected by the Permanent Design.This selection represents the first important step towards the recognition of the famous Golden Compass Award.

Yoko and Nuage then, with the entrance to the important catalog, are officially pre-selected for participation in the Golden Compass Award, a very important step for any brand of high-quality design and prestige.

Lamps characterized by innovative design, Yoko and Nuage sound perfect for a prestigious catalog, which collects only the pieces that have marked the year for their uniqueness and creativity.

Yoko, from the evocative shape of a delicate soap bubble, light and impalpable, is characterized by the spread of white light that is very reminiscent of the northern skies.

Nuage, thanks to the peculiarities of its design plays, like the optical art, with the different perception of the figure, creating a luminous effect on the wall or on the ceiling that changes depending on your point of view.