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Storage system Cover by Rimadesio

Among the latest products made by Rimadesio there's Cover, a cabinet made up of single-sided glass with hinged doors that is characterized by its innovative features, as it has been specifically designed to solve problems related to the storage in the contemporary living.

Excellent both in the living and as dressing for the bedroom, cover it constitutes by a supporting structure, fixed to the ceiling and the floor, which is the centerpiece of the entire system.

In it are combined concealed hinges of the doors and pillars of fixing brackets, which is then integrated a unique interior led lighting system.

The Cover's system, in its entirety, includes stands, shelves, rods hangers and drawers, all useful elements to best preserve any type of object.

All these parts are then fixed to the posts with an interlocking system, without visible screws, fashion so as to create an orderly arrangement and functional, which can be modified and varied depending on the own needs.