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Valcucine presents the new model Forma Mentis

Forma Mentis is the new kitchen of Valcucine's brand, a project that is characterized mainly by the strong attention to detail, the juxtaposition of materials and shapes.

What follows is a model by the incredible simplicity but at the same time aesthetically unique and above all far-sighted.

Among its main features, we report the presence of the inclined worktop and the door with metal profile-saving corner, two techniques designed specifically to combine functionality and diversity of materials.

To complete the offer, the possibility of having worktop with different thicknesses and color variations, so as to satisfy everyone's needs and facilitate customization.

Forma Mentis ia also perfectly in line with Valcucine's philosophy, does not leave even the environmental aspect, so dear to the brand, as it offers the unique material PVC free, which has the quality of being able to be disposed while avoiding harmful dioxin emissions.

Therefore a project in the round, which fully reflects the objective of Valcucine, that is to provide new products regarding the study of materials and the respect of the ecosystem.