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The exuberance of the Big Bang by Foscarini

A single luminous body made entirely of plastic, characterized by a multitude of light and shade effects that create a great visual impact.

This is Big Bang by Foscarini, a suspension lamp that offers an exuberance personality designed by Vincente Garcia Jimenez and Enrico Franzolini. Many years after its invention (2005) remains one of the undisputed protagonists of the Foscarini's collection and today we can find it in many suggestive art installations.

As the eloquent name already promises, the lamp recall the energy of an explosion through planes that intersect in an irregular manner to form the body of the lamp. The planes seem to get away from the bright central nucleus and then unfolding in all directions. The two-colour alternative further accentuates the meeting between various surfaces and the contrast between the 'inside' and the 'outside' of each surface.

When Big Bang turn on this composition of different planes provide to create an intense and direct light. The different effect of the light and angulation of the planes permitted to not have situations of glare.

Big Bang is a lamp from remarkable aesthetic originality which enriches every area of personality and style.