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Rimadesio at the beneficial exposure of How To Spend It

On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the magazine How To Spend It, Italian edition of the famous magazine of the Financial Times, benchmark 20-year worldwide for the luxury, fashion and lifestyle, was organized a charity with some of the most important brand of Italian design.

Among these could not miss Rimadesio, who attended the event with New Life, a work handmade by Giuseppe Bavuso and inspired to kintsugi, a Japanese technique of restoration.

The aim of kintsugi is to repair broken items by combining the pieces with resin mixed with gold, silver or platinum, a technique that over time has become a real "art" from the very deep meaning.

According to the philosophy of kintsugi, broken item and then restored it is a metaphor for life and the developments which characterize it.

The New Life 's exhibition took place at Mudec (Museum Of Culture) in Milan, where it is then sold at auction along with all other participating works.

Proceeds from the auction were donated to Save the Children for the creation of an Italian project for children in need.