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New Flexform's Campaign 2016 "Home at Last"

In line with the concept Home at last launched for the first time in 2015 and then became the common thread of all Flexform's communication, today the brand is back with the continuation of this campaign to accompany 2016.

The objective of the new press campaign is to create sensations in which the player himself affinity togethers and share places and situations, just "as if it were in his home."

Protagonists of the debut of the campaign are the two new sofas Soft Dream and Lario, here used to accommodate various scenes of daily life, from the couple smiling allowing himself to relax in a chat father playing hide and seek with the children.

In short, photos that contain intentionally a warm and reassuring, just the same aim to create the Flexform's sofa and furniture

What appears is a domestic sophisticated ambient but not detached, refined and elegant with a few items but definitely very iconic.

In the background, in addition to the two sofas, revolve also many other new products including new Flexform armchairs Luce and Crono and tables Tindari in woven hide leather. They also not missing the Guscio, and Feel Good armchairs and the new bench Magi in hide leather, all perfectly coordinated with the Soft Dream sofa.

The scope of the campaign will be very large, in fact, will be involved 149 newspaper in 43 countries of the world so as to intercept an international audience by breaking down geographical boundaries.

All this will happen through the use of a common language, that of images, universally known and above all very example of the message that the brand aims to convey, namely that the pleasure of returning home after a day of stress and work can still be more intense, if we are to welcome the precious Flexform's. furniture