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B&B Italia 50 years and beyond

The year 2016 marks a milestone for B&B Italia that, at the dawn of his 50 th birthday, and once again confirms to be a company projected into the future with its production sites, his ideas, his projects, and of course its products.

Given the great importance of this milestone, 2016 will be marked by a series of events and activities that will involve the brand in order to strongly reiterate its uniqueness and its commitment to spreading the culture of design in the world.

The first event of the year is certainly the participation of B&B Italia to the very important Italian IMM Cologne Fair just ended, then follow a number of events and projects that will accompany them for the duration of 2016.

In Cologne, in particular, in a personal exhibition space of 700 square meters, the brand launched the new projects for the living area and outdoor and new finishes for products already in the collection.