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Poliform Varenna at New York

In New York, at 737 PARK AVENUE, a few steps from Central Park and the main shopping streets and the most prestigious restaurants and museums of New York, stands a building dating back to 1940.

Built by Sam Minskoff and Sons and designed by Sylvian Bien, the building has been the focus of a recent restructuring, based on high standards of living thanks to a collaboration with Poliform | Varenna.

The restoration, produced by the Handel Architects, was organized on the complete modernization of the building while respecting the original architectural and historical value.

Composed of 60 accommodation units to which is added the Penthouse with its terrace covers the entire perimeter, the building has several apartments fully furnished and designed by Poliform | Varenna with elegant finishes and very valuable.

In Which jump up the natural materials such as marble and wood, all of which are part of an environment rich in both memory and contemporary comfort.

With this project, Poliform | Varenna is confirmed once again the ideal partner for the realization of complex and prestigious international architectural, all in the name of innovative services that reflect the evolution of new urban lifestyle.