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The new Table Haumea-T by Gallotti&Radice

Among the news of Gallotti&Radice is certainly the new table Haumea-T design by Massimo Castagna.

Characterized by an oval top in transparent tempered glass 15mm, this table is a perfect piece of furniture if you want to enrich the living area of ‚Äč‚Äčelegance and preciousness.

The base of Haumea-T is in black open pore or rust lacquered wood and the metal parts that enrich it are: Bright brass, hand burnished brass, coppered brass or black chromed.

Equipped with a removable tray on top in metallic finish, this table is definitely a piece of furniture that does not go unnoticed.

In addition to "dazzle" thanks to the gleam of its metal parts and crystal piano, the table for its design, it can safely be said to be somewhere between sculptural piece and luxury furniture.

Surely the confirmation of the great mastery with which Gallotti&Radice performs each of its creations.