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The Genius Loci kitchen by Valcucine protagonist in Cologne

LivingKitchen, the international trade fair for kitchen furniture that happens to coincide with the famous Imm Cologne 2017 (from 16th to 22nd January 2017) was attended by Valcucine with his latest creation, Genius Loci.

Genius Loci is an island or a wall kitchen inspired by the 'secretaire', the traditional writing desk that comes with secret drawers intended as a secret, intimate and accomplice space. The drawer is not only in its functional sense but also as a well-defined line that runs through the surfaces and materials, like a sign on canvas.

A fundamental space which integrates with the purity of shapes and materials and sees the possibility of a maximum customization through a wide choice of different creative and processing solutions as typical of all the Valcucine solutions.

And it is precisely in the functional and innovative context of Genius Loci That fits perfectly The V-Motion, a patented automation system Valcucine that expands the possibilities in the kitchen through a new "intelligent "motorized opening and closing mechanisms.

In this way in the Genius Loci 's Kitchen coexist perfectly tradition and innovation through tailored finishes which reclaim in a modern key the Italian artisan excellence.