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Rimadesio publics an inedited volume for its 60th birthday

In 2016 Rimadesio has celebrated 60 years, a point of really important destination to which the brand has come after a long career of stories, talents and innovations.

And it is precisely to celebrate this goal that Rimadesio has decided to create a very interesting project.

This consists of an unpublished book containing the best stories, the most significant meetings and the most important talent that the brand has got to know about its long journey and especially during the many events organized in 2016 to celebrate the birthday.

An editorial project therefore completely dedicated to Rimadesio and its team, as well as to make this anniversary even more memorable.

The book entitled "Stories, challenges, talents" is mostly focused on the lives of four characters defined as landmarks of our modern age for their tenacity and creativity.

Each of them was also a guest of the events organized during the 2016 cycle for the anniversary "Rimadesio 60" that held at the showroom of the brand. Among of these, there is also the award-winning sailor Giovanni Soldini.

Undoubtedly personality so unique that are called from Rimadesio because they are considered the best interpreters of the values ​​and virtues that have always identified the brand mission, namely: creativity, innovation, heritage and respect for the environment.

To complete the exclusivity of the book, also the inclusion for the beginning of each chapter the creative and artistic contribution of four young contemporary artists invited to interpret the innovative spirit of the company through their new works.