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Flexform launches the new social campaign "Better stay home"

Flexform has launched a new social cut campaign entitled "Better Stay Home" these days.

This is an ad hoc campaign to illustrate the tonal and colorful craftsmanship of Flexform 's furniture.

At the center of the campaign, use illustrations and drawings with precise written messages, which, to date, is one of the most powerful methods to communicate.

The campaign is organized with the publication, every Saturday, of a new situation of daily spirituality.

On the false line of the communicative project already expressed by Claim Home at last, for the offline campaign, even in this project, the home remains for Flexform the most representative container of moods in which memories are kept and in which Preserve all the things that make us feel good.

In this way, those who have the opportunity to share feelings of relaxation and well-being will look for them in every situation and, in this way, on Saturdays becomes the perfect opportunity to stay home.

A manifesto, therefore, that contains a different message, which is usually to come out, and which here instead translates into the will to stay home and not to abandon its "comfort zones".

For each situation, therefore, a Flexform mobile with its specificity, one of the best ways to represent a "homemade" Saturday, distinguished by the comfort and elegance of the Flexform furnishings.

If you want to find out about the new Flexform furniture, visit our showrooms! We are sure you will surely find what is right for you.