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New Riva1920 Pandora Storage Unit

Among the novelties of the Riva1920 brand, the new multifunctional Pandora cabinet by Gabriele and Giuliano Cappelletti is certainly noteworthy.

The furniture is particularly characteristic of the presence of a particular metal insert that passes on top and the double side panels of multilayer wood equipped with storage compartments.

The latter, in particular, are organized with a set of customizable elements depending on their containment requirements and are equipped with small shelves to hold the glasses.

The central compartment, which is embedded inside two swing doors with push-pull opening system, houses a series of drawers constructed with swallowtail clasps.

To complete the exclusivity of the dresser is the possibility of inserting inside a bottle holder and a wine cellar.

If you are curious about finding this furniture or other suggestions of the Riva1920 brand, we suggest you visit us at our showrooms, or to contact us, where we have a wide range of branded furnishings. We are waiting for you!