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New Oggioni Bao Bed

Among the novelties of the Oggioni brand is the new double bed Bao, a product characterized by the soft headboard, which is elegantly rounded.

Also worth noting are the profiles enriched by buttons that run along the sides and at the center of the headboard.

Bao is available in 3 different container sizes and in the non-container version, it is also made in 2 variants: standard double 165 cm and king-size 180 cm.

For those who prefer an even more exclusive bed, Bao is also available in the Round version, where, in addition to the headboard, the base is tiled.

If you are going to buy a Oggioni bed, come and visit at our Cavallini1920 showroom or contact us: we have several branded items and we only deal with furniture excellence. We are waiting for you!