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Roda presents the new 2018 catalog

Roda has anticipated the new 2018 catalog, which will be based on the two new brand collections: Piper, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and Arena, signed by Gordon Guillaumier.

The first, whose name derives from the English pipe, "tube" is actually characterized by the presence of this polyfunctional structural element for making all the sofas, coffe tables and sun loungers that make up the collection.

The second, however, opens up a completely new chapter in the Roda universe as it consists of a single element, designed to attract attention and satisfy in one product the need to have one sitting "hybrid" with great comfort. In fact, it is possible to do more things at the same time: relaxing, sunbathing or reading a book in a very casual way.

To these two collections the new catalog also adds Sunglass, the new set of tables that completes the series of outdoor living furniture.

Curious? So what about the new Roda 2018 catalog? Come and visit us in our Cavallini1920 showroom and we will help you find the best Roda product to furnish your home with taste and exclusivity!