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Valcucine renews the partnership with Eataly Los Angeles

In December Valcucine renews its partnership with Eataly by signing the prestigious project for the "School" of the new Los Angeles store.

Cooking classes, workshops and food sampling sessions – designed to give participants a close-up view of the excellence of Italian products – are held in the classroom, supervised by Lidia Bastianich, an American celebrity chef who stands for the culture of Italian cuisine in the U.S.A.

The new store is located between Beverly Hills and the west of Los Angeles and extends over three storeys amounting to almost 6,000 square metres of theme-based restaurants, street food sellers and the market, which offers over 10,000 top-quality products.

The layout designed by Valcucine for the Eataly School is a Genius Loci arrangement, a kitchen based on the all-Italian tradition linked to conviviality, quality and the cult of beauty.

A distinctive trait of this kitchen consists in putting together different materials such as wood, stone and glass to create a warm and cosy setting.

For even more functionality, the kitchen is provided with the Special Element of New Logica System, the innovative ergonomic storage and opening system by Valcucine that conveys a refined feeling of lightness while offering a large preparation area for a new user experience.

The most advanced technology is backed up by top-quality workmanship and attention to detail, in perfect harmony with Eataly's vision aimed at choosing and enhancing the best Italy has to offer.

If you are interested in Genius Loci or other Valcucine projects, come and visit us in our showroom or contact us! We are sure that you will find the right kitchen for you!