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Valcucine promotes "Messages for another world"

The celebrations of Valcucine for its 30 years of glass kitchens continue and the last appointment is with a project curated by Alessandro Biamonti called "Messages for another world".

The project was designed to capture the intrinsic nature of glass, thanks to the efforts of eight designers - Stefano Citi, Maurizio Lai, Francesco Librizzi, Raffaella Mangiarotti, Philippe Nigro, Lorenzo Palmeri, Federico Peri and Ilkka Suppanen - and consists of an evocative exposure.

Each of these designers gave his contribution by providing his personal interpretation to the creation of a glass object to which to entrust a message to a hypothetical Other World.

The works, transparent and very valuable, were blown by the glass artist Massimo Lunardon and presented for the first time on 21 February.

The following stages were then the Milan design week, the Milan Triennale on the occasion of the Milan Arch Week and today they are part of a charity auction.

The proceeds of the 8 works will in fact be donated to Bioforest, the first environmental association made up of Italian industrialists.

The auction, supported by the online CharityStars.com platform, will end on June 18th