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Bay of B&B Italia: when the outdoor is classy

Since it is time for holidays and long moments in the open air, we take the opportunity to point out the recent B&B Italia outdoor collection, made up of perfect furnishings to offer the same comfort of indoor furniture on the outside.

Particularly noteworthy is the Bay family, a sculptural and monolithic series of finely woven outdoor furniture.

Characterized by enveloping volumes, the family of furnishings consists of padded seats that have the natural appearance of rocks and very soft cushions.
Everything is done in order to give elegance and comfort to spend unforgettable moments in the open air.

Another feature of Bay is the form, deliberately "sensual" and sinuous of the elements that, combined with a double weave, has the advantage of creating pockets of air that give transparency and above all lightness to the entire structure.

If you are curious to explore the outdoor world of B&B Italia, you just have to visit or contact us! As dealers of the brand, we offer a wide selection of furniture that you can view and learn with the support of our theme of experts. We are waiting for you!