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Porada's iconic products: being 70 and not hearing them

It was the year 1948 when the Porada brand began its long career as a specialist in solid wood, which has always been the heart of its collections.

Over time, this material has been woven with other noble materials such as marble, metal and crystal and the result has been unique products, the result of first collaboration with local designers, then with international designers.

Thanks to this the brand has been able to give life to objects that have surely left their mark in the history of design, becoming timeless icons.

Among these we remember the graceful Garbo armchair, with its characteristic classic armrest, or the sinuous and feminine Anxie chair with unusual and tapered legs.

Turning to other types of furniture you get to Ubiqua - library system and TV stand with metal uprights - a battle horse of Porada that refers to the vintage style, but still very current of the fifties. And also the Infinity table, halfway between the sculpture, the object of design and furnishing, characterized by the glass top and the wooden base.

And these are just some of the most important products of the Porada brand, if you want to discover others or simply learn more about these you just have to contact us!

Cavallini1920 is Porada official reseller and has a large selection of branded products in its showrooms. Therefore we invite you to come and visit us or contact us and you can have all the support of our team to find the furniture that suits you and your home style. We are waiting for you!