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Ecosustainability the Rimadesio brand opens its doors to BMW

Rimadesio has decided to open its doors to the BMW, a very famous German car brand.
He did so by means of a meeting at his headquarters in Giussano, entitled BMW Group Technology Workshop 2018.

The initiative, focused on aspects related to the theme of sustainability of the company, which has always been sensitive to the environment and renewable energy, has involved the BMW brand because of the many similarities that exist in relation to this theme.

In fact Rimadesio, which has always made continuous investments in production systems, in innovative technologies for the production and management of energy, has also recently decided to acquire some Bmw i3 electric-powered cars, to observe this commitment to the last.

Furthermore, the furniture brand was not limited to producing as much energy as needed for its total needs, it also began a virtuous path to manage the excess energy inside it, a process that was illustrated during this workshop.

If the industrial production can be planned, in fact, the intensity of the sun's rays is not, so here is the need to conserve the excess energy. In this way, the amount of energy produced more than the one immediately consumed, is stored internally for later use.

The meeting with BMW has confirmed this desire for collaboration and unity of purpose, making, once again, Rimadesio emerge as one of the most attentive furniture companies in the field of sustainability on the international scene.